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Welcome to Liashasue
First and foremost ... My Australian Shepherds are family pets where all my dogs are “inside” dogs and they will never be “kennel” dogs. I do not have a litter very often and when I do it is because I may want to keep a pup out of the litter for myself. When I have a litter of puppies, they are also raised inside the house as part of the household and are introduced to most normal household noises and learn how to interact with my other dogs prior to leaving for their new homes. Therefore I can say that this is a small kennel situated behind the Rietvlei wetlands in Flamingo Vlei Cape Town. I will only ever have as many Australian Shepherds as I feel we can cope with and that I am able to still give them the attention and exercise they need and deserve as much loved pets. My Australian Shepherds are all trained in competition obedience, contact agility, not contact agility and jumping. All disciplines being thoroughly enjoyed by all the dogs. I am a member of the Cape Handlers dog Club in Milnerton and take part in the training and active participation of all these disciplines on offer at the Club.
I have also exhibited in breed conformation which the dogs thoroughly enjoy. I have met many wonderful helpful people in this field who have taught me a great deal of what I know about conformation showing. Some of them have gone on to be become good friends.

The Australian Shepherd as a breed is relatively new to South Africa with the first Aussie being brought into the country in 1998. I saw my first Aussie in 2004 and fell in love with a dog I ‘just had to have’. At the time I had two dogs and did not feel I could cope with another dog at that time. So I had to settle for watching this particular Aussie grow up and advance up through the various disciplines he and his owner were participating in. Watching him grow and develop made me more determined to get “an Aussie”. After loosing my German Shepherd due to surgical complications, and my work situation changing where I had more free time to spend at home. I felt I could get another dog and my quest for an “Aussie” began. I got my first Aussie in 2006. I expected to be getting a nice dog with a bit more energy than the average dog. After all the years that I have been involved in the ‘dog world’ I never expected a specific breed of dog to have such an impact on myself or our lives. Our first ‘little Aussie’ wiggled her way straight into our hearts. They say that you have never loved a dog till you have loved an Aussie. I have had dogs all my life and still today, marvel at how much I enjoy this breed and the same can be said for my husband. It did not take her long to get him to do just what she wanted him to do. This soon led to us getting our second Aussie. She was just as successful at winning us over completely. Although I have always been involved in obedience training and agility. Both my husband and I quickly fell into the routine of the extra exercising this breed needs. I am still spending many a happy hour working with and showing my dogs.

I am a Contact and Non Contact Agility judge and am in the process of becoming a qualified KUSA registered Breed Judge.

" Your friend, your companion, your protector, your dog. You are their life, their love, their leader. They will be your's faithful and true to till he last beat of their hear. You owe it to them to be worthy of such devotion"

Australian Shepherds ~ Liashasue

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