Australian Shepherds Characteristics

Australian Shepherds Characteristics


The Australian Shepherd was developed as a farm and ranch dog in America , not only to work livestock but to be a companion and guardian of the family and the family's possessions. As a working dog they are authoritative and used extensively across America to work both cattle and sheep. A unique and endearing trait of the Aussie is his utter devotion to his master and family. This trait makes him a dog who is equally happy working livestock all day or simply being with his owner and family and taking part in their daily activities.

Because the Aussie is a breed developed primarily to work, they are highly intelligent, active and versatile dogs with great stamina and endurance. The early day Aussies, were often depended upon to watch over the children whilst both parents were out in the fields. Valuable equipment and livestock were safe when the family Aussie was around. Aussies have long been popular with ranchers and farmers who need a dog to help them but don't have enough work to keep their dog busy full time. Since most Aussies are quite content to just be companions to their family members.This has resulted in the Australian shepherd is becoming increasingly popular as a family pet. Aussies also form a very strong protective bond with their owners and family - more so than many other breeds.

Most Aussies are friendly with everyone but as a breed the Australian Shepherd is naturally reserved and aloof with strangers. This indicates a dog that may be stoic without expression or interaction on initial meetings with strangers. This stance should not be mistaken for fear of aggression. Shirking away from strangers, new objects or being easily frightened by everyday motion, noises and situations are more indicative of shyness. Like any other breed, Aussies need to be socialized. Any display of unwarranted aggression should not be tolerated in any breed.

Because these dogs were developed primarily to work and control livestock, their intelligence and energy needs to be channeled. Obedience, Agility and Working Trials etc are highly recommended and the Autralian Shepherd will easily learn and thoroughly enjoy these various disciplines through well structured training programs. In fact the Aussie does exceptionally well in all these disciplines

When raised with children, or raised to interact with children. Aussies will love youngsters and will quickly become great playmates to your children and their friends.

Aussies do not need a huge farm or small holding to exercise on. But they do need daily exercise and attention. Most Australian Shepherds love to play ball or Frisbie and most of them love water. To an Aussie there is nothing better than a great game of fetch followed by a dip in the closest source of water.

If you are looking for a dog with an intense desire to please and who is loyal to you and your family. Then an Aussie will make you a wonderful companion, famlily playmate or working partner. You and your environment and the way in which you raise your Aussie will greatly determine the dog you end up with.

"Your friend, your companion, your protector, your dog. You are their life, their love, their leader. They will be yours faithful and true to the last beat of their heart. You owe it to them to be worthy of such devotion"
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